The College Library was established in 1966, the year of inception of the college. The Library is service oriented and the quality of its service depends on the quality of its collection. Initially our library had only 1,200 volumes and at present it has a collection of 46838 volumes, worth of Rs.33,00,092/- with 12008 Titles on almost all the subjects. Apart from this it has Encyclopedia, Americana, and Britannica. Guinness book of world record, World Book Dictionary,International Encyclopedia of Social Science, and Newly added reference and issue books National, International award book, UGC- NET/SET(JRF,LS), Chemical Science, and Physical Science books and Botany, Zoology, Bio-Tech books purchased during the year 2013 to 2016 worth of Rs.2,48,460/- many more to added to the list. Journals and Periodicals are also provided to the students and Teachers. 15 Magazines related to different subjects, 26 General magazines, 10 News papers are provided to the students.

Adequate space is provided for students in the library. It has a reading room Reference section. The college has received UGC Grants for the development of the library to the tune of Rs. 14,20,943/- from 1969 to 2016. The library has a committee consisting of principal. Librarian and the H.O.Ds of all the departments. Books, Journals, Periodicals, magazines etc., are purchased to the library on the recommendation of H.O.Ds of the concerned departments. Every year stock verification of the library in done.

The students are informed about the rules of the library and they have abided by them. The books are arranged in very systematic manners. Guide cards are maintained to help the students to locate book. The Reference section of the library provides at least 5 sets of annual examination question papers of all the subjects for the students apart from Journals, Magazines and other books. There is also a text book reference section where text books of different authors are provided to helps students to make use of them during their leisure hours and book Bank facilities available.

The Library is providing very good services to the staff and the students. our Alumni Studying for IAS, KAS, and post Graduate courses also make use of the library. Our library is one of the best college libraries in the city and we aim at meeting changing needs, demands of our staff and students.


1. P C Quest 1. Prajavani
2. University News 2. Kannada prabha
3. Southeran economist 3. Vijayavani
4. Resonance ( science education ) 4. Samyuktha Karnataka
5. Current science 5. Decan Herald
6. Down To Earth. 6. Times of Economics
7. Economics & political weekly 7. The Hindu
8. Indian joural of marketing 8. JanathaMadyama
9. Vedanta kesari 9. Janamithra
10. RangaVitala 10. Prajodaya
11. Campus councelor READING ROOM MAGZINE
12. Amara BaapuChintana 1. Femina
13. VivekaDeepthi 2. Front Line
14. Carrier. 360 3. India To-day
15. VivekaSampada. 4. C.S.R
16. Humanism 5. General Knowledge
17. SamakalinsahithyaSamachar. 6. Employment News
18. Mahamane 7. Womens Era
19. Anupama 8. Priyanka
20. Janapada 9. GruhaShobha
21. Karnataka 10. Kasturi
11. Sudha
12. Taranga
13. Karmaveera
14. Mangala
15. Arogya
16. UdyogaMargaDarshi
17. SpardhaPrapancha
18. Diksoochi
19. Reader's Digest