Best College in Hassan for Women

Arakalagudu Varadarajulu Kanthamma College for Women was established in 1966. Ever since its inception, the College has been a leading education centre for Women of all sections of society.


The college library was established in 1966, the year of inception of the college. The library is service oriented. Libraries are essential in a process of giving citizens access to knowledge. In digital times they are needed more than ever before.

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HOSTEL Facilities

Hostel facility for Girls with the mission of providing good hostel facilities in calm and clean environment.A.V.K College offers hostel facility for the students and it was established in 02.12.1970 in the premises.

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Find out how Advancement's teams are working together to build strong relationships with alumni, donors and friends of the College

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The Students Career Guidance cell has been functioning in the college since three years. The Principal is the president of the cell

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Department and Faculties:

Our college took the privilege by opening up the “Arts association “in building to the prospects in the field of arts. It was this auspicious day the students and teachers took initiative to a better achievement.


The department of history was started in the year 1966. The department has full pledged faculty members and is well equipped.

As part of teaching learning process, special lectures, exhibitions and discussion are conducted for the students. In addition to that, educational tour to historical places, important sites of inscriptions, Veeragallu and museums is organized every year.

DEPARTMENT OF History- Faculty List

Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof.H D Ningaiah M.A. HOD and Associate ProfessorView Document
Dr.N S Shashikala MA Ph.D Associate Professor


The department of Economics is one of the oldest departments in the college established in 1966. Since its inception the faculty is continuously involved in quality teaching.

The faculty members not only participate in the teaching learning process but also engage themselves in seminars, workshops, etc. Dr. K G Suresh Kumar has presented paper at National and International level. He has also published articles.

Many of our students have secured admission to various Post Graduate courses at various universities. Many have occupied key positions in the society. The department gets good results every year. Merit prizes are sponsored by department staff.

Different activities are conducted throughout the year. The activities comprise of special lectures on emerging topics, seminars, visit to farm house, dairy, small scale industries, extension services like conducting medical checkup for primary school children, awareness programmes etc.

The department involves the students in all these activities and provide a forum to the students to develop their talents and recognize their potential.

Eminent academicians have visited the dept to deliver their lectures

Dr. M V Srinivasa Gowda, Visiting professor, Manasagangothri, Mysore

Prof.Shankar Shan Basu, Indian Institute of Management, Banglore

Dr. Leelavathi, Dept of Economics, Manasagangothri, Mysore


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof. J.Kavitha M.A. HOD and Associate Professor
Dr.K.J.Suresh Kumar M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor
Prof. P.Manjula M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor


The department of Sociology was established in the year 1966.

As part of teaching learning process, the department conducts lecture programmes, discussions, seminars, conferences and awareness programmes on social evils like Dowry system and illiteracy. In addition to that, department organizes community service programmes like village survey on Socio-Economic conditions of village community, visit to old age home, jails, certified schools, orphanages and physically challenged and dumb and duff centers etc.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof. S.R.Thammaiah M.A. HOD and Associate ProfessorView Document
Prof. D.Vanitha M.A. Associate Professor
Prof.N. Venkatesh M.A., M.Phil.. Associate Professor


Department of Political Science was established in the year 1966. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is an undergraduate political science course which involves a study of theory and practice of politics and description and analysis of political system and political behavior. It prepares students for careers in politics, public administration, judiciary, law and other disciplines. Students can also pursue higher studies in this filed such as MA, Ph.D and M.Phil degree.

The students are getting very good results in the examination for years and all the credit goes to qualified, responsible, prompt and dedicated faculty members who inspire the students to acquire knowledge, quality education and personality development.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr.T.Yashoda M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. HOD and Associate Professor
Dr.D.Jayadevegowda M.A., M.Phil. Lecturer View Document
Punitha M.A. Lecturer


The Department of Physics was established in the institution in the year 1967. The Department has a very well equipped Laboratory with sufficient number of instruments in good condition and also has a separate dark room to carryout optics experiments and a store room. The staff members have published a number of research articles in reputed national and international journals.

The Department follows the programmes introduced by university of Mysore. The staff members of the department enrich their knowledge through participating in conferences, seminars and workshops. The Department has a success rate of 95% and drop rate is negligible.

The Department has its own library with about 50 books for reference to facilitate the teaching. The students are encouraged to take part in group discussion, class seminars and project works on selected topics to nurture their creative thinking. The department organizes seminars on relevant topics by inviting eminent resource persons, to enhance student’s knowledge about current affairs.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr.M.B.Ashalatha M.Sc., Ph.D. Principal
Dr.T.Yashodha M.Sc., Ph.D. HOD and Associate ProfessorView Document
H.S.Ramesh M.Sc Associate Professor
Priyanka M.Sc Lecturer
Ananya M.Sc Lecturer


Department of Chemistry started functioning in the year 1966. The department has two well equipped laboratories and a staff room. Spacious Chemistry laboratories recently renovated provide good environment for the students to conduct the experiments. We have two separate store rooms for the storage of Chemicals and equipments. Each student is given personal attention while conducting the experiment. We have fire extinguish system for the emergency usage. We have internet facilities for the staff and sometimes for the students also. We have OHP in the department for the teaching.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr.V.Shashikala M.Sc., Ph.D HOD and Associate Professor View Document
Prof. Nasreen Fathima Banu M.Sc., M.Phil. Associate Professor
Mamatha D.R M.Sc. Lecturer
Sowmya H.R. M.Sc. Lecturer
Praveen Kumar M.Sc. Lecturer
Seema N.V. M.Sc., B.Ed. Lecturer
Taranum Ash Sha M.Sc., B.Ed. Lecturer
Jalaja M.Sc., B.Ed Lecturer
Amreen Ashshan M.Sc., B.Ed Lecturer


Department of Mathematics with one year pre-university course was established in the year 1966.Later B.Sc course with physics and Mathematics as major and chemistry as minor subject was introduced in 1968. The Department have two well equipped laboratories with sufficient number of computers in good condition .

The Department follows the programmes introduced by university of Mysore. The staff members of the department enrich their knowledge through participating in Conferences , Seminars and workshops. The department has a success rate of 90% and drop rate is negligible.

The department has its own library with about 100 books for reference of students and lecturers to facilitate the teaching. The students are encouraged to take part in group discussion, class seminars and project works on selected topics to improve their creative thinking.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof.Shylashree M.Sc. HOD and Associate Professor
Sushmitha K.C. M.Sc. Lecturer
Madhu G.G. M.Sc. Lecturer
Shruthi Krishna M.Sc. Lecturer


The Department of Botany was established in 1966 with an excellent infrastructure and equipped laboratories. Since its inception, the Department has been showing consistent results and has excelled in its academic performance. The Department is also pursuing studies on Biodiversity of Medicinal plants, aquatic avifauna, fungal and Orchid Diversity of Western Ghats. With the assistance of Karnataka Biodiversity Board and Forest department, Dr.B.S.Ravikumar is coordinating with the students of the college to take up a project on People Biodiversity Register (PBR) of Hassan district.

The vision of Botany Department is to transform young generation into global players with excellence in leadership, communication skills and team work in all frontiers. Further, the Department is also thriving to inculcate a research bent of mind and methodologies among students so that the results on their research findings can be showcased in National and International Symposia and Conferences thereby drawing an effective protocol on integrating cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches to solve all problems related to People Biodiversity. The students have been trained in this regard by subjecting them to various aspects of scientific approach. They have already presented working models at zonal, state and national level Science Exhibitions. They have been conducted by Govt. of Karnataka, Karnataka Science and Technology Academy and other prestigious agencies. The students have bagged 1st and 2nd prizes on a regular basis.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr.B.S.Ravikumar M.Sc., Ph.d HOD and Associate Professor
Dr.D.P.Lingaraju M.Sc., Ph.d. Associate Professor View Document
NavyaGowda B.N M.Sc. Lecturer
H.B.Sowmya M.Sc. Lecturer
H.M.Shwetha. M.Sc. Lecturer


The department of Zoology was established in 1966. Department is well equipped with laboratory having all modern emenities. The pride of the department is a museum having all types of animals and rare species. The department is well equipped to meet the academic needs of the students.

The Department is proud to procure a success rate of 100% result with 55% distinction and 45% 1st Classes from the last 5 years. Negligible dropout of 1% is recorded last year.

The department maintains a library of its own with more than 100 books, and current Science journals.

Students are encouraged to attend science exhibition, workshops, study tours etc. Regular seminars are conducted to improve the vocabulary and knowledge of the subject.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Varija S H M.Sc.,M.Phil HOD and Associate Professor
R A Latha M.Sc.,B.Ed Lecturer
Sriraksha M.Sc. Lecturer


Department of Computer Application was established in the year 1995. The department offers three year full time BCA program affiliated to University of Mysore.

BCA Program at AVK reaches beyond the curriculum and offers a special set of leadership skills that are extremely valuable. The department provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas and encourages creativity and independent thinking.

The Lecturers lay emphasis on the following: Knowledge content[topics in curriculum] Utility value-Application in real life Latest developments Note: The result of the department is 100% from the last 5 years.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
A.N.Shobha MCA HOD and Lecturer
H.N.Shylaja MCA Lecturer
Sowmya J MCA Lecturer
Sowjanya J MCA Lecturer
Sushma H.M. M.Sc. Lecturer
Tejaswini M MCA Lecturer
Kunal J.S. M.Sc. Lecturer


The department of Commerce started to function in the year 1982. It is the major dept having maximum number of students in the college. Students of this dept have excelled in all fronts be it academic, sports or cultural activities.

The results of the department vary from 85 to 95 %. Since its origin the students of the department have secured 16 ranks and 08 gold medals.

The department conducts many activities to make the students realize their skills to face academic and professional challenges in the forthcoming years. It conducts activities like skill development, periodical tests, assignments, seminars, viva-voce, industrial visits and arrangements of specified lectures from experts in specialized fields. It also conducts competitions on mock advertising, quiz etc. The department has the best practice of sending the students for Inter-Collegiate competition like Commerce and Management Fest. The department has a small library for the reference of lecturers and students.

For the students of commerce, to get a glance over all the practical aspects of business, the department has set up a business laboratory.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof. K.Sharada M.Com.,LL.B HOD and Associate ProfessorView Document
Prof. K.Balarajegowda M.Com. Associate Professor
Dr. H.S.Sunanda M.Com. Ph.D. Lecturer Associate ProfessorView Document
Sabiha Begum M.Com. Lecturer
Nalinakshi M.Com , M.Phil. Lecturer
Veena D.M. M.Com. Lecturer
Asha H.B. . M.Com. Lecturer
Dr.Tejaswini H.D. M.Com. Ph.D. Lecturer View Document
Shruti M.P. M.Com. Lecturer
S.Padmini . M.Com. Lecturer
Kanchana D M.Com. Lecturer
Chandini K.J. M.Com. Lecturer


We, B.S.Devaraju, Dr.H.L.Malleshgowda, Dr.S.C.Yatheshwar, and S.R.Hemavathi, Smt H.K.Hemlatha are active participants in literary conferences, seminars and publishing articles in some of the magazines, journals and dailies and are also invited by the AIR Hassan to deliver lectures.

Dr.H.L.Malleshgowda procured M.Phil. degree, during their service in the college and was awarded the Ph.D. degree for the thesis on “Tambooriyavaru”. Dr.S.C.Yatheshwar was also awarded the Ph.D. degree for the thesis on “Bharatheeya Bhakthi Chalavaligalu:Ondu Adhyayana”.

In this Department of Kannada, we have Kannada Association and endowment committee that has conducted many lecturing programmes by eminent writers and scholars since 1993. We have published three books “Krishna Vivaragalu” and “Desi Sahithya-Desi Chinthane” and “Mahithi Thantrajanana” that were written by Sri.G.T. Narayana Roa, Dr.R.V.Sundaram and Dr.Chidananda Gowda respectively. Some of the eminent Kannada Writers Dr.Leela Appaji, Chandre gowda and

Dr.Narahalli Balasubramanyam have given endowment lectures. Students have shown more interest in attending all these programmes in addition to their studies, their performance in subjects is good and are scoring good marks in both languages and optional subjects. A number of students are working in many departments as teachers, research scholars and administrators. We proud to say that one of our college students Smt. Vijaya Dabbe is a famous writer, women activist, and a retired Professor of Mysore University. And I can proudly say that our staff members are rendering their services in a good spirit.

Faculty List

Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof. B.S.Devaraju M.A. HOD and Associate Professor View Document
Dr.H.L.Malleshgowda M.A., M Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr.S.C.Yathishwara M.A.,Ph.D. Associate Professor
Prof. S.R.Hemavathi M.A., M Phil. Associate Professor
Hemalatha H.K M.A. Lecturer


The department of English was established in the year 1966.It is one of the prestigious subjects in the course of academics. The department has a very special and extraordinary place in the college as it enjoys teaching and guiding the entire student strength of the college every year. The entire student strength of the college irrespective of their discipline study English as a compulsory language subject while some students study it as an optional subject. This subject enhances the communication skills and it helps the individual to present more confidently in all walks of life.

The department has introduced English literature as an optional subject from the academic year 1993-94. The department has set up a literary club to develop the skills of our students in the year 2003.

The aim and aspiration of the department is to make the students speak fluently in English as it is the need of the hour in this competitive world.

Workshops and seminars are conducted to promote the inbuilt skills of the students. It gives a platform for the students to enable their ideas and project them without any hindrance. English acts as a pillar to all the subjects concerned in their academics.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof. Prathimadevi R.T. M.A. HOD and Associate Professor
Usha J M.A. Lecturer
Kavitha P M.A. Lecturer



Mission of the department is to impart knowledge of national language Hindi,its literature and functional Hindi to Non Hindi speaking students.

The department is commited to increase an ardent desire in students to learn and use the national language and to inculcate linguistic fluency to increase the communication ability in Hindi.

Best practices:

  1. Conducting tests and seminars
  2. Essay and debate competitions
  3. Encourage students to write articles for college magazine and participate in sports and extra curricular activities of the college
  4. The faculty help poor students financially , encourage meritorious students by giving them prizes during college day celebration
  5. Make students converse in Hindi to improve their speaking ability.
  6. Meeting with parents of drop-outs to educate them to eradicate educational backwardness.
  7. Educate them above state educational and reservation policies.Promote healthy atmosphere and to boast the morale and be proud of being girls.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Rathnamma P N. M.A. HOD and Associate Professor


The department of Urdu has existed ever since the commencement of this college and Urdu has been a part of curriculum. It is studied as a second language. There is success rate of 100% in the department.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Prof. Yasmeen Banu M.A. HOD and Associate Professor


The sports facility in AVK College offers ample amount of activity space, including a fully fledged Indoor hall and Yoga centre, maintained sports field and courts. Our college students have participated in all India Inter University Wrestling and Ball Badminton competition.

Indoor hall

Volley ball

Ball badminton



Indoor table tennis court

Yoga Hall


Name Qualification Designation Profile
C.S.Hemalatha M.Ped., M.Phil. Physical Education Director


Name Qualification Designation Profile
C.S.Hemalatha M.Ped., M.Phil. Physical Education Director